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Companies are rethinking traditional quality assurance and testing services and procedures as they strive for perfection in their software applications. They seek services that guarantee application reliability while providing an excellent user experience. The goal is to have software solutions that allow a company to react to changing industry dynamics. Regardless of the complexity of the client's needs, our QA & Testing services in Kolkata, India, are designed to save development costs, accelerate time-to-market, and reduce technical and business risks. Our software testing professionals employ a focused strategy to help clients get more out of their testing efforts when they improve time to market and increase ROI, whether for desktop, mobile, or digital transformation apps.

Services We Offer

Automated Testing

We provide exceptional automation testing services for various software and application testing projects as a quality assurance firm.

Security Testing

Security testing services are concerned with ensuring that software meets different stated criteria and standards and meeting end-user security expectations.

Performance Testing

We identify and address performance and reliability issues as soon as they arise, ensuring that the application runs smoothly.

Accessibility Testing

We offer accessibility testing services per Section 508 and WCAG requirements, ensuring that your software is fully accessible to people with disabilities.

IT Staff Augmentation Services

Build scalable, secure, and feature-rich software product solutions with our staff augmentation services.

Mobile Testing

Our mobile compatibility testing ensures that your software looks and works well on various mobile platforms.

Usability Testing

Our web usability testing services assist in identifying potential issues in software and mobile apps so that UX issues may be addressed as soon as possible.

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Why Hire QA and Testing from us?

Management of a Consistent Testing Process

There are complete test process management and procedures with effective testing processes in place from the beginning of the project.


Excellis IT has always prioritised total quality, balancing cost, scope, and schedules for each project.

There are several automated testing tools available.

Excellis IT's testing teams have extensive experience with most of the industry's most widely used automated testing solutions.


Our Expertise

Enterprise App Testing

Aside from functionality, understanding the performance, user acceptance, and security of enterprise web/mobile apps with a big user base using different modules in real-time.

Functional Testing

This kind of testing is commonly used to improve the quality of software. Various testing activities are used in the functional testing analysis process to ensure the quality of each component's code.

Software Performance Testing

Our performance testing services aid in identifying software bottlenecks that affect the quality and calibre of your web/mobile app, ensuring that it can sustain heavy loads.

Responsive Testing

Increased clients benefit from responsive web design, which allows them to see content on various devices. Responsive testing services are used to assess the responsiveness of any web/mobile app.

Platform Compatibility Testing

Technological advancements in the online and mobile sectors have created a nightmare for software or app development teams. Throughout this testing, our professionals check the web/mobile app's desired performance on each platform.

Web/Mobile App Testing

After mobile and web development, the most difficult problem is ensuring that they function properly. As a result, our web and mobile testing firm concentrate on quality assurance software testing.


Industries WE served


We provide software for the healthcare industry that automates patient management, lab management, test result processing, and data collecting.


Implement manufacturing software to assist you in improving your current operations' efficiency while lowering your operating expenses.

Tour & Travel

Hire Excellis IT experts with extensive experience developing online and mobile solutions for the travel and tourism industry to meet all your unique requirements.

Ecommerce And Retail

We create retail and e-commerce software that automates company processes and improves the shopping experience for customers.


We create innovative logistics software to improve warehouse productivity and streamline the supply chain.

Our Process

    Requirement Gathering icon

    Analysis of the Requirement

    In future, you will be able to avoid costly problem fixes and product revisions. Excellis IT engineers ensure that the specifications are clear, consistent, full, traceable, and tested. It aids in the prevention of potential software flaws and the facilitation of subsequent test design tasks.

    Requirement Gathering image
    Requirement Gathering icon

    Planning and designing tests

    We create a plan, budget, timetable, resource allocation, and reporting methods. Our QA team begins designing test cases and checklists as the scope of work and requirements are defined.

    Strategy image
    Requirement Gathering icon

    Test Execution

    Our QA engineers enter data on each bug into a defect tracking system starting at the API and UI levels. We can start correcting bugs as soon as feasible if we are coordinated with the development process.

    Requirement Gathering icon

    Process Optimization

    QA is an iterative, optimization-oriented procedure. Modern technologies and testing scripts aid automation of installation and reporting. We may focus on strategic product goals by automating repetitive chores.

    Requirement Gathering icon

    Automated Tests

    Most test scenarios employ automation to save money and shorten the QA cycle. These speed up releases while expanding testing coverage and catching more bugs before they reach the market.

    Requirement Gathering icon

    Post-production and release stage assistance

    We check with real users and look for flaws at the production level once your product has been released. We work hard to ensure that your product has an elevated client satisfaction and features.

    Requirement Gathering icon


    After each iteration of development, we deliver a full test report. You may keep track of the product's quality and release schedule by receiving regular reports.


    Benefits of Hiring QA and Testing Services


    Investing less in development

    When you test for defects early in the development process, you lessen the risk of producing troublesome code that requires an expensive rewrite.

    Time-to-market has been sped up.

    It may sound contradictory to argue that adding a quality assurance phase will help you save time on production, but it is true. When you employ a continuous testing strategy, you can catch little errors before they turn into big problems that take time to fix.

    Customer loyalty is stronger.

    Whether your users are clients or employees, a broken software, app, or website will undoubtedly influence their perception of you. Tools that work flawlessly, on the other hand, contribute to the positive image of your organisation.

    Projects Testing Accelerated

    The QA professionals can assist you in easily scaling up your production. The experienced consultant can assure swift onboarding and implement effective strategies to deliver rapid and consistent results with years of expertise.

    Choosing the Right Tool

    As software testing evolves and progresses, new testing tools emerge to make the job easier. However, selecting the most effective and high-quality testing instrument is frequently challenging for testers. Software testing consulting services can help in such situations.

    Recommendation that is helpful

    Using software testing consulting services can also assist you in receiving helpful recommendations for improving your quality process and testing skills. They can provide the best approaches to improve the overall results of software testing initiatives because they have extensive experience in the field.

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    Asked Questions

    Quality testing is a procedure that ensures that a company delivers the best products or services. It is important to remember that QA does not include actual item testing. In the end, it all comes down to the process to achieve the best results.
    Testing as a Service (TaaS) is a re-appropriating model in which a specialist co-op, rather than in-lodging staff, performs testing exercises relating to a piece of an association's company operations.
    Although time shifts vary depending on the complexity of the experiment, on average, a QA specialist takes about five minutes to complete one. However, if an inexperienced QA subject matter expert does the testing, you can safely estimate 10 minutes for a single test.
    Our team of testers and quality analysts has a combined experience of more than five years. They have worked in various businesses and on projects that were both simple and sophisticated during their careers. As a result, Excellis IT is an excellent choice for looking for a reputable QA testing company in Kolkata, India.
    Yes. Excellis IT is a prominent software testing business that assigns a full-time project manager to your project. This project manager will keep you up to date on all your project's developments.
    Yes, we provide automation testing services ranging from basic to complex. As a market-leading quality assurance tester, our firm employs various testing methods to avoid problems. We are also regarded for being a dependable automation testing firm.