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Excellis IT takes immense pride in introducing itself as a top inbound and outbound BPO company in Kolkata, India. We deliver end-to-end services with the highest quality and security to assure complete client satisfaction. Excellis IT allows you to focus your energies on the things that matter most to you by taking over your labour-intensive activities. We give professional solutions to boost the bottom line and save operating costs, whether data entry or content development, photo editing, or order administration. Furthermore, as your partner, we do not just provide good service; we go above and above to provide services that have a demonstrable effect.

Excellis IT's custom back-office services in Kolkata, India, helps businesses save time on time-consuming tasks, improve operational efficiency, and save expenses. Document management, data input, data processing, internet research, data mining, content moderation, content creation, claims processing, transcription, photo retouching, and e-commerce catalogue management are just a few back-office outsourcing services we provide.


Services We Offer

Escalation Handling

Our customer management strategy guarantees that issues and complaints are addressed and resolved with the least time spent on the phone.

Customer Loyalty Management

Customer service outsourcing can successfully keep track of all consumer behaviours across touchpoints, from monitoring customer databases to classifying new consumers for various rewards.

After-Sales Customer Service

Our after-sales call center services guarantee that the consumer gets the most out of their product or service while the company gains critical information that may help them better serve their needs.

Retaining Customers

With our fast quality evaluation, we discover and fix customer complaints to keep our client base satisfied and prevent them from leaving.

Complaint Management

We take customer escalations seriously, and we carefully examine them to identify any communication gaps.

Helpdesk Solutions

We provide our clients with custom-tailored help desk outsourcing solutions to help them handle issues quickly and increase customer satisfaction.

Platforms and Apps Support

Our qualified engineers can provide complete 24/7 tech support services across all channels.

Share your requirement and our BPO team would happily solve it.

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Why Hire BPO Services from us

Save Time

We have an expert team of content writers who are skilled at writing the best, error-free content that would help you attract your target audience.

Management of Profitable Business Processes

You may save time as well as money by hiring a BPO Outsourcing service provider since they operate remotely, and you pay them when you require their services.

Scalability that works faster

When you hire a BPO service provider, it allows a new firm to expand more quickly. You protect your company from making mistakes during the expansion phase by enlisting the support of specialists. BPO services let you expand your organization in a reliable yet flexible method by utilizing useful web tools like those found on SEO Tools Centre.

Productivity Enhancement

BPO services allow you to maximize the time you have available. These services give you personnel who have years of expertise for the jobs you hire them for. This enables you to do more tasks in a shorter amount of time. Your firm will enjoy massive growth if the major focus is on key business activities.

Access to Latest Technologies & Resources

BPO services have access to the most modern tools as well as technology to aid in the completion of routine corporate activities. You do not want to waste money on equipment and software that is not essential to your new firm.


Our Expertise

Back office BPO

Contracting services that are not customer-facing is what back-office business process outsourcing entails. IT, accounting, business process automation, human resources, quality assurance, and various other services are among them. IT-Enabled Services (ITES) BPO, which employs IT analysts; Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO), which employs paralegals or consultants; and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), which employs a professional who knows and can implement/manage a certain program, have all evolved as subtypes of BPO.

Front office BPO

Technical assistance, customer service, sales, and marketing are examples of customer-facing services. Because of the technical expertise needed, these services are commonly outsourced and can be performed off-site. Businesses may profit from specialized people with unique knowledge and minimize expenses by outsourcing web development, customer support lines, or other front-office services.

Offshore BPO

When services are outsourced to another country, this is known as offshoring. Available resources, political stability, cheaper labor costs, varied tax reductions, and other factors all contribute to this.

Nearshore BPO

Hiring the services of suppliers in nations that are geographically closer is known as nearshore business process outsourcing.

Domestic BPO

Domestic outsourcing is exactly what it sounds like: providing and receiving services within a country's borders. Another way, a vendor in one city, state, or province can be hired to deliver services to a company in another city, state, or province. This can be caused by various variables, including the availability of specialist talents in specific areas or regional variances in rates and expenses.


Industries WE served

Banking & Financial Services

While banks are focusing on product innovation, customer engagement and experience will become increasingly crucial in acquiring and retaining new customers in this highly competitive market.


BPO Outsourcing services in Kolkata, India, helps the healthcare industry with virtual patient enrollment claim adjustments, billing problems, health insurance as well as fraud detection.


Excellis IT is a best BPO company in Kolkata, India that helps the Insurance industry with Requirement Gathering, Insurance Quote creation, Generating Proposals and Claims Processing.


For years, Excellis IT has been at the forefront of meeting the changing needs of retail and eCommerce customers. Our staff possesses extensive product expertise, as well as technical and soft abilities, to successfully communicate with clients and provide a wonderful experience that encourages them to return.


Education has recently become one of the most competitive industries to do business. The push to grow student enrollments, onboard instructors, and maintain a robust back-office should not prevent excellent education from being delivered.


The telecommunications and media sector is a fast-paced, competitive environment. A company that does not have the greatest options to serve clients is likely to fall behind.

Hospitality and Travel

The internet has had an influence on sectors across the board, but it has particularly impacted the Travel & Transportation industry. The internet changed the way people planned their vacations and opened new commercial opportunities for the hospitality sector.

Our Process

    Requirement Gathering icon

    Define and Delegate

    Identifying business requirements, estimating costs, and determining the feasibility

    Requirement Gathering image
    Requirement Gathering icon

    Design and Formulate

    Strategize solutions, identify change models, and define the workflow.

    Strategy image
    Requirement Gathering icon

    Lift and shift

    Moving to offshore models, lowering costs, and enhancing efficiency Implement and Automate - Real-time testing, automation, and a shorter cycle time are all things that can be done.

    Requirement Gathering icon

    Control and Analyze

    Monitor efficacy, track variables, and ensure consistency through control and analysis.

    Requirement Gathering icon

    Report and Optimize

    Constantly updating the process and documenting it.Integrate and Replicate - Responding to comments, replicating findings, and harmonizing all applications


    Benefits of Hiring Back Office Process Outsourcing Services


    Data Security

    We at Excellis IT recognize the value of the data you are digitizing. Protecting your data's purity and integrity against unauthorized access and manipulation is top of our priority list.

    24*7 Work

    We are one of the companies that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly CSR executive.


    Excellis IT can provide a unique solution that can be altered and scaled to meet your needs, even if they change over the project.

    Data Quality

    All our procedures follow its guidelines. Our quality assurance team will collaborate closely to ensure data correctness of 100 per cent.

    Data Assurance

    We have set quality control standards that our quality assurance personnel follow before authorizing a project for final submission.

    Productive Services

    You should expect nothing less than high-quality service from us when you employ us and invest your limited financial resources. We will not stop for the day until you are happy with the final product's quality.

    We assemble a specialized REMOTE TEAM of affordable STARS.

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    Our CLients

    Excellis IT is a worldwide service provider dedicated to providing outstanding customer service.

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    Asked Questions

    Outsourcing both inbound and outbound call handling activities is referred to as BPO call center. Using a BPO call center can help your business run more smoothly while allowing you to focus on more critical internal activities. You outsource customer service because you want to save money.

    The following are the four most common BPO services:

    ITES is a business process outsourcing service that administers and handles IT solutions through the internet. It entails assisting with IT services such as technical support, production support analyst, and service desk analyst, among others.

    KPO- A service provider provides enhanced knowledge for any company process in this form of outsourcing.

    LPO- It provides high-quality legal services. They also handle more difficult jobs such as filing patent applications and negotiating legal agreements.

    RPO- RPO is a process outsourcing company that focuses on data analysis and research. Investment research, data analytics, and market research are just some of its services.

    In these times of economic uncertainty, BPO outsourcing is critical since it allows businesses to save money. However, as firms seek to achieve more cost-effective commercial success, the BPO industry has proven to be a valuable tool.
    You can send an email to request extra resources for your ongoing project. In contrast, you may scale down with an email after your task is over.
    Reduced costs, on-demand knowledge and resources, a staffing facility, and the flexibility to focus on core company goals and planning are the four key reasons for outsourcing.