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By enhancing critical areas of operation, call center outsourcing may help your company boost customer satisfaction. We are a prominent call center outsourcing service provider in kolkata, India. We have a lot of expertise with voice, email, and live chat assistance, lead generation, technical support, and appointment setup. You may rest confident that our call center outsourcing services in Kolkata, India, will increase your sales by utilizing highly trained call center operators and innovative technology. Our call center outsourcing solution is an affordable approach to create new leads, respond to client inquiries, and assist customers with technical issues. This may be yours for a fraction of what you are paying now.

Call Center

Services We Offer

Inbound call center services

Our professionals ensure that all your company's customers are loyal to you. Our professionals receive inbound calls from your customers, where they express their questions, comment, or complaint, which we handle on your behalf.

An inbound call center provides the following services:

  • Process of Order
  • Customer Service
  • Processing of Requests
  • Client assistance
  • Services with No Charge
  • Requests for Product Specification
  • Managing the warranty

Outbound call center services

It differs from inbound services in several ways. On the one hand, inbound services focus on client management; on the other hand, outbound service professionals gear up to find future consumers who could need your product or service.

On the other hand, outbound services are primarily concerned with the sales aspect of your company, assuring an ever-increasing graph in your sales report. An outbound call center provides the following services:

  • Scheduling of Appointments
  • Collection and MNP
  • Obtaining Leads
  • Survey of Customers
  • Telemarketing
  • Verification by a 3rd Party

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Why Hire call center outsourcing services from us

Trained Employees

We connect our clients with a tribe of youthful, dynamic, and well-trained call center executives equipped to provide a variety of outsourced call center and knowledge-based outsourcing services to clients in various industries.

Save Cost

You may save large amounts of money by outsourcing your call center needs to a professional service provider. Bringing in people and educating them on call center processes is expensive. Another significant issue for the sector is attrition. If you outsource your call center procedure to us, you can be certain of superior workers at lesser costs and free from any such problems.

High-end technology

We extensively invest in the latest tools and technology to provide our clients with the most advanced call center solutions. Our innovative IVR technology and internet-based telephony let you get the most out of your outsourced contact center's resources, resulting in lower costs and more profitability.

Best practices in the industry

We adhere to industry best practices in-process monitoring, client reporting, feedback system, and escalation matrix. Our process mechanisms were created using leading process management concepts to ensure that our clients' processes run smoothly.

Access to Latest Technologies & Resources

BPO services have access to the most modern tools as well as technology to aid in the completion of routine corporate activities. You do not want to waste money on equipment and software that is not essential to your new firm.


Our Expertise


The most popular and active method of direct marketing is telemarketing. Simply, a strategy for effectively spreading the word about your products/services among your target audience. Telemarketing services assist firms in raising interest among potential consumers in the launch of new products and services and growing a client base, and producing qualified sales leads.

Lead Generation call center services

B2B organizations widely use lead generation services to collect and assess new leads to turn them into new clients.

Help desk

A help desk service serves as a single point of contact (SPOC) for the service provider (IT) and the users. Queries are handled via help desk services, and service changes are arranged as needed.

Customer support services

Tracking critical performance indicators is easier with customer support services. These metrics are maintained because of customer service contacts with customers. Customer behavior KPIs let you discover which potential clients should be engaged to keep their business ahead of time. This lessens the chances of your consumers vanishing without a trace.

Domestic BPO

Domestic outsourcing is exactly what it sounds like: providing and receiving services within a country's borders. Another way, a vendor in one city, state, or province can be hired to deliver services to a company in another city, state, or province. This can be caused by various variables, including the availability of specialist talents in specific areas or regional variances in rates and expenses.


Industries WE served

Banking and Finance

We use our expertise to assist banking, financial services, and insurance companies in providing better customer service and improving operational quality throughout the year, resulting in improved financial results and increased customer satisfaction.


We use our expertise working with institutions ranging from elementary schools to universities to provide you with high-quality contact center services to manage the end-to-end communication needs of your educational community, including teachers, staff, students, their families, and prospects.


We use this knowledge to deliver customized, business-specific call center services to address the unique needs of the media and entertainment sector.


We assist healthcare firms to handle every inbound and outgoing connection efficiently and cost-effectively by using this knowledge.

Real Estate

We can provide highly specialized real estate call center services that encompass all aspects of the real estate market, from lead generation to property management to preserving a professional image and boosting reputation to reducing internal expenses, thanks to our experience and skills.


Our targeted services have significantly improved our clients' consumer engagement. We seek to enhance and enrich the customer experience with each connection, backed by a team of trained and experienced employees.


We use this knowledge to develop an incoming and outbound call center assistance approach that will fill in the holes in your operations and help you optimize profitability in the quickest period feasible.

Our Process

    Requirement Gathering icon

    Gather information requirements and documents.

    The Excellis IT team will work closely with you to understand your company's practices and goals. Our subject matter experts and expert consultants will conduct a review of these methods and activities.

    Requirement Gathering image
    Requirement Gathering icon

    Service Level Agreement and Process Contract (SLA)

    We will legally contract the partnership agreement and sign the SLA after settling on the specific call center outsourcing services.

    Strategy image
    Requirement Gathering icon

    Start the process, train your employees, and document everything.

    Excellis IT will begin agent training to acquaint our agents with your company's technologies and CRM. Furthermore, it will assist our staff in understanding your process in the same way that your in-house personnel does. Every step of the way, the process will be documented.

    Requirement Gathering icon

    Tasks should be delegated to a potential workforce

    We will assess agents for cultural fit and assign duties inside the outsourced call center program once we optimize the customer support process.

    Requirement Gathering icon

    Candidates must be finalized before they can be onboarded.

    We ensure that all our hired representatives have a thorough understanding of customer service operations. FWS will map initiatives and mentors for future supervision based on the merits of specializations and expertise.

    Requirement Gathering icon

    Calibrations of Quality

    We will grade our agent's performance using a defined grading method. For agent assessment, we look at things like call response speed, oral proficiency, resolution time, and communication clarity, among other things.

    Requirement Gathering icon

    Ongoing Reviews and Assessments

    We employ continuous assessment in the final stage to streamline the call center outsourcing services. We maintain a tight connection with our clients throughout the outsourcing project to fill in any gaps that may hinder the project's success.


    Benefits of Hiring Call Center Outsourcing Services


    Benefits in terms of cost

    India has a plethora of call center service providers that give high-quality services at a low cost. Outsourcing your call center operations will save you money overall.

    Increased earnings

    By outsourcing call center services, you may boost your company's profitability. Call center outsourcing may improve your organization's quality, performance, and productivity in every way.

    Save on resources

    You may save money on people and infrastructure by outsourcing call center services. You may use your resources for essential company procedures and experience profits without spending money on training or pricey software.

    Specific talents

    Using call center outsourcing services, you may have access to seasoned individuals' specialized abilities.

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    Asked Questions

    Incoming and outbound call center outsourcing is the procedure of contracting an organization's inbound and outbound call center Solutions to an external specialist rather than conducting them in-house to save money and overhead.

    Outsourcing relieves employees of unneeded responsibilities, allowing them to concentrate on more important duties that contribute to the company's success. Recruiting devoted, full-time staff may save organizations a lot of money in terms of electricity expenses, office space, and compensation. Outsourcing organizations operate in shifts, ensuring 24x7 service, so businesses may communicate with clients even after business hours.

    A good call center should have a well-trained workforce, be incredibly knowledgeable about contemporary tools and technology, be able to operate across time zones, have multilingual employees, and provide cost-effective service.
    Any business's top priority is its customers. Your organization may give excellent services with the optimum output if you choose the proper call center outsourcing company in India. Call center outsourcing firms with a good reputation enhance client engagement rates and help your business succeed.
    Customer satisfaction surveys should often be delivered to consumers after interacting with you about your products and services. It is best to send the surveys within the following 24 hours when they are still thinking about your engagement. Remember that open email rates are greater towards the start of the week. Client satisfaction surveys may be issued at several points during the customer's lifetime, including onboarding, renewal, and cancellation.