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Change your compliance management strategy to one that is more proactive. Automated scoring and reviewing 100 percent of calls can help you avoid potential performance and compliance issues. Measure your business and legal compliance and your value at risk with Excellis IT's performance and compliance solution in Kolkata, India.

Automate the performance and compliance monitoring routine to achieve faster and better outcomes.

Our compliance solution includes elements beyond what you would find in a typical speech analytics program. It enables the complete workflow to be integrated for a successful performance and compliance program deployment.

Performance and compliance management

Services We Offer

Enterprise Risk Management

We can assist you in implementing an enterprise risk management (ERM) process that is uniform and structured throughout your organization. We make sure that your company is on top of things when it comes to identifying business-critical risks and implementing continuous and effective risk management processes.

Contract Management Services

If regulatory compliance is not followed, contractual commitments could be worth millions of dollars. We assist you in establishing an automated contract management system based on responsibility and continuous improvement, allowing you to relax while increasing operational efficiency.

Compliance and Regulatory

We provide you with a robust automatic compliance framework built by a dedicated team of experts with extensive experience guaranteeing GDPR, HIPAA, and data privacy compliance. To keep your organization safe and efficient, we ensure you have complete coverage of the whole compliance process.

Expert IT Advisory Services

Excellis IT's experts will assist you in navigating the constantly changing world of technology and the internet. We can help you with cybersecurity, business continuity management, risk management and controls architecture, and whatever else you might need to secure your company's growth and efficiency.

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Why Hire performance and compliance management services from us


We provide performance and compliance management services tailored to fit our clients, and our clients trust us as we keep their data private.

On-time delivery

We do not deter from the time frame we promise to our clients to manage their performance and compliance.

Save cost

Hiring a performance and compliance management company in Kolkata, India, is the best way to save cost as you must pay less for the services to a third party than building your team.

Our Process

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    Conduct a Thorough Risk Assessment

    Regulatory standards are well-defined in most industries. They serve as the framework for a compliance strategy (indicating the potential risks and how to mitigate them by implementing a structured and governed process).

    Furthermore, you should identify probable failures, what they look like, how to prevent them, and how to rectify them based on your company's business process knowledge.

    This concept does not need to be related to a rule. Still, to a thorough grasp of the business, customers, and primary pain you are attempting to alleviate with your product and any other business variables that should be considered.

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    Requirement Gathering icon

    Establish Corporate Policies and Procedures

    Compliance should be a top-down effort, with your policies and processes shaped by what you learned from your risk assessment.

    Strategy image
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    Communicate the Plan and Provide Training

    Keep in mind that the greater the danger, the greater the need for meticulous attention to detail. Assist staff in comprehending the need for precision. Also, make the training as simple to understand as feasible. This can range from bilingual training to specific examples. If they do not comprehend a procedure, they will not be able to follow it.

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    Maintenance of Accounts regularly.

    This category includes several items. The compliance manager oversees the following activities:

    • Maintaining standard compliance
    • Ascertaining that all staff are aware of the expectations
    • Bringing compliance and business processes together
    • Process and operation evaluation (and making changes when necessary)
    • When violations occur, they are recorded and corrected.
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    Conduct Periodic Compliance Audits

    If you care about compliance, you are undoubtedly audited regularly. Internal audits, however, are also necessary. They will assist you in avoiding costly blunders.


    Benefits of Hiring Performance & Compliance Services


    Legal Risks are Lower

    You will not have to worry about prospective litigation if you use a compliance management system in Kolkata, India. You will be able to work with confidence, knowing that you are following the rules.

    Simplifies Regulation Follow-up

    All your legal, regulatory, and business obligations are collected in one consolidated system via compliance management software. This makes it easy to keep a track of everything you need to stay compliant.

    It is simple to stay on top of compliance.

    Tracking your company's compliance actions is a key aspect of compliance management. Audits, inspections, planning, assessments, and other similar activities are included. You may keep all of these in a centralized repository using compliance management software.

    Compliance Activities are Automated.

    Compliance management software might help you remove some of your chores entirely. Many of the time-consuming and laborious compliance activities can be automated with a compliance management system. Task scheduling, compliance monitoring, approvals, notifications, etc. are just a few of the features available.

    Builds Your Reputation

    You can ensure that your record shows up clean when clients search your company by employing compliance management software maintains compliance and avoid lawsuits. Customers prefer to do business with reputable companies, which is why a record of accomplishment of compliance will help you build a positive reputation.

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