Content Marketing

It’s very important to create a personal profile with your content creation which would bring more value to your audiences. The main reason for content marketing and strategy is to focus your audience's view towards the right direction by telling them what they need to know and the things that they are interested in.

With this point in mind, you should also make sure that you personalize and target your posts after analyzing the audience insights so that you can increase your reach and engagement per post.

Excellis IT is the leading digital content marketing agency in Kolkata, India; thus, we help you develop a content marketing strategy that allows you to get loyal enthusiasts and followers. We do it by figuring out the ache points of your prospects and customers and endorsing topics that you can deal with for your content.

Content Marketing

Services We Offer

Content Strategy

Content marketing strategy includes creating a result-oriented strategy as well as analysis. You can do this by analyzing your current marketing content, by performing a competitor analysis, by content keywords research. And by having a convincing strategy to generate leads as well as increase sales.

Audience Analysis

We have a specialized team to analyze your target audience.

  • • They identify the right audience
  • • While understanding the buyer’s personality
  • • They also identify the favored content type along with the platform
  • • They create engaging content.

Content Creation

You must be creating high-quality, keyword-rich, eye-catching, as well as consistent content. The content should be properly written, edited, as well as proofread so that it increases brand engagement level along with traffic

Content Publication & Distribution

Our experts understand the need for good content along with strategic publishing as well as distribution so that they can reach the target prospects. We can achieve this by publishing and distributing content regularly on their social media platforms as well as blogs and articles. We also create email marketing and newsletter campaigns.

Content Analysis

The content that gets you results as well as generates leads is of optimal value. For this, we perform a comprehensive analysis of the content regularly. We do this by analyzing the weekly as well as monthly content reports, we identify the gaps that are there in between content and then accordingly change metrics to increase return on investment.

To gain customers with your brand story.

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Why Hire Content Marketer from us

Expert Content Writers

We have an expert team of content writers who are skilled at writing the best, error-free content that would help you attract your target audience.

Experienced Content Marketers

Excellis IT is among the best content marketing company in Kolkata, India. Thus, we have a team of professional and skilled content marketers who have the experience to provide you with the best services.

Regular Campaign Reporting

The popular content marketing agency like Excellis IT provides a regular report to their client of all the content marketing activities they perform so that their clients know whether they are getting the return on their investment.

Measurable Results

While providing the best content marketing services in Kolkata, India, Excellis IT provides content marketing campaigns that would bring you measurable as well as trackable results in terms of traffic, leads, as well as conversions.

End-to-end Services

– Excellis IT is a content marketing company in Kolkata, India that provides you end-to-end services which begin with copywriting, move on to proofreading, management, and end with the distribution.

Tailored Campaigns

We provide custom or tailor-made services that would be perfect for your business and the goals that you want to achieve with our best content marketing services.


Our Expertise

Blog Post creation

Blog is an important tool to educate the audience about your brands' offerings as well as cultivate loyal customers. Excellis IT can help you with research and development, planning an overall content strategy, as well as populating your content calendar with unique content that has been curated by our content team and SEO team.

Infographic and content creation

Infographic is a form of storytelling that helps in understanding complex concepts simply as well as attracts the target audience. Excellis IT helps you in creating effective infographics that would be embedded in blogs as well as websites to drive action.

SEO content writing

Excellis IT will work with you to create product descriptions, value propositions, landing page copy, as well as other website copy, it will all be designed in a way that would maximize readability and conversion.

Press release

We also create the content for press releases which is required for your digital PR, which would compel the readers to go through the PR. The PR is designed in a way that it would get maximum reach and promotion.

Article creation

Posting articles regularly drives more traffic to your website. Being a reputed digital content marketing agency in Kolkata, India, we have skilled content writers who create the best and most knowledge-based articles for your website.


Newsletters help to generate traffic to your website. If you have an active newsletter, you can constantly remind your customers about your brand offerings.

Case studies

Case studies are a great way to show off your business as well as help you turn leads into customers. Your case study has the power to make or break a sale, thus, you must get them right.

Social media

Regular posting on social media platforms helps in spreading brand awareness as well as direct traffic to your website and landing pages. Being a digital content marketing agency in Kolkata, India, our content along with design experts creates visually appealing social media that would bring in traffic.

Video script writing

Video Content is becoming popular these days. Instead of spending hours reading pages of the detailed content audience today wants something that is quick and on the go, this video is the best format. Being a popular content marketing agency in Kolkata, India, we have an expert team of content writers who create interesting video scripts which would be an effective mode of communication for your brand.


Industries WE served


Healthcare sector uses tailor-made content marketing services to spread awareness.

Real Estate

Having personally planned content marketing services helps the real estate to build relations.

Tour & Travel

The travel and tourism sector uses content marketing services to advertise and promote its services and brand.


The education sector depends on content marketing services to gain brand value as only rich content that is specific to their brand can provide you the same.

Food & Restaurants

The food and Restaurant sector requires content marketing services to promote their new offerings as well as advertise their products.

Real Estate

Having personally planned content marketing services helps the real estate to build relations.

Our Process

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    Initial Content Research

    We start with auditing your present content to see where you stand and at the same time we also perform keyword research to check your present ranking. After that, we move on to further keyword research to see what keywords you should be targeting as well as analyze your competitors' content and see what were the hit for them.

    Requirement Gathering image
    Requirement Gathering icon

    Content Marketing Strategy

    After gathering all the information we come up with a content strategy that includes the details that we have observed, we would recommend, for game-changing success. We also identify buyer persona and curate content that would be specific to them. Thus, making it easier to connect to our target audience.

    Strategy image
    Requirement Gathering icon

    Content Creation

    We create content after discussing all the key details with you which includes in-depth research on the topic, the target audience for the content as well as the buyers’ journey. After finalizing all these details our team of content creators writes the content that would be perfect for your brand.

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    Publishing and Promotion

    Once the content gets approved we publish the content for you like the blogs go on blogging sites and then we promote the content organically through paid campaigns so the visibility of the content increases.

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    Best content brings you more leads. After the content is published we constantly monitor the content to check what works and what doesn’t and alter the strategy accordingly. We do this so that your page can yield more results.


    Benefits of Hiring Content Marketing Services


    High-Quality Content Creation

    marketing strategy becomes effective only when your content is well written keeping your target audience in mind. This would make your content accessible to your audience.

    Consistent Content Creation

    When you have consistent content in regards to quality, quantity, and content schedule would not confuse your customers. When you keep up with regular strategy it helps to create an excellent customer experience, builds credibility, reputation as well as brand trust.

    Cohesive Messaging

    An expert content creator knows how to tie the language and brand elements with a cohesive marketing strategy that makes each content appealing to the target audience, matches the brand identity, performs well within search engines, and eventually achieves the business’ goals.

    Strategic Content Creation

    It’s a process of creating content that would be specific for the client and would be specifically curated for their target audience so that they can easily content with your brand. Thus, content marketing is an art well as science and for that you surely need experts.

    Content Optimization

    To make sure that your content reaches your audience you must optimize your content. Content optimization requires skills and understanding of your audience thus you need experts. We at Excellis IT have the best content marketing team.

    Stories connect better than normal ads. Tell your brand story with us.

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    Our CLients

    Content is the king. Strat creating with us.

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    Asked Questions

    Content marketing means posting content that includes articles, podcasts, videos, social media updates, etc. to your website so that it helps to solve problems as well as position your brand along with enhancing your website’s search results.
    It is very essential for every digital marketing strategy as it needs to have the perfect content marketing component. Content marketing is also a very smart SEO tactic that has been effective throughout every search engine algorithm change.
    It does work like a charm. Content marketing has been proven to be an essential component of any digital marketing strategy. If you not creating content for your website or social media you might be just missing out on valued opportunities.
    Frequency of content marketing rest on several factors. Excellis IT prefers to give priority to quality over frequency. We recommend creating a content schedule that would mix several mediums and help you maintain regular posting.