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Despite the fact that SEO and SEM have become the most important components of a digital strategy, sending direct mail to clients remains the most effective approach to engage with them. As a result, email marketing services in Kolkata, India are still a critical component of every company's internet marketing strategy. These emails could be about promotional commercials, new product releases, special discounts, and other topics. An agency can market its products as well as develop its customer base by sending tailored or group emails to existing and new consumers. An affordable email marketing services can provide a company with a plethora of chances and help it establish itself as a brand.

Excellis IT is a well-known digital marketing agency that provides a variety of services, including email marketing and advertising. We ensure that the emails we create are capable of engaging customers and encouraging them to finish the conversion because we are a goal-focused agency. We assist companies in carving out a niche online by developing email campaigns that strengthen their client relationships. Our campaigns are built to ensure that the right material is delivered to the right customer at the right time, resulting in a great experience. Take advantage of our experienced email marketing services to shorten your sales cycle and strengthen your customer relationships.

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Services We Offer

Audience Research

The foundation of any effective marketing is having relevant information about the target audience. You may learn about the preferences, expectations, and attitudes of your mail recipients by conducting audience research. To gather all of the information needed for the study, we construct relevant email registration forms. Simultaneously, we ensure that no excessive requests are made, as this may turn the user away.

Design Campaign

The campaign's success is assured by a consistent and compelling email design. Our professionals build custom campaigns that capture the attention of the receivers using their unrivaled skills and experience. We create compelling and meaningful CTAs that compel recipients to take the requested action. We design emails that meet your goals, whether you're trying to reach out to new people or retargeting old ones.

Email Optimization

It is not enough to create interesting emails; they must be optimized to provide an exceptional user experience. We use sophisticated technologies like user history, analytics, and segmentation to guarantee that the right messages are sent to the right people at the right time. To improve click-through and open rates, our campaigns are subjected to extensive A/B testing. We make emails that are precisely targeted for your target audience by using email best practices.

Automated marketing

Marketing automation is an important part of an email campaign since it allows a company to build strong relationships with its clients. To send emails to the correct customers at the right time, we use sophisticated automation software. Personalized greetings, product recommendations, cart abandonment reminders, membership renewal reminders, and other topics may be addressed in the automated letters.

Reporting & Analysis

A campaign's performance must be assessed on a regular basis in order to determine the value it provides. At Excellis IT, we meticulously examine campaign results in order to understand everything there is to know about user analytics. Our experts also provide their expertise in the form of reports on the campaign's performance as well as recommendations for improvements.

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Why Hire Email Marketing from Excellis IT

Delivery of Emails

Every time you send a campaign, we use cloud data centre architecture to ensure that every subscriber receives it in their inbox.

Reporting & Tracking

With a dedicated panel, you can track real-time data on your email bounces, email clicks, and unsubscribes.

Setup is quick and seamless.

We have a thorough set of APIs and documentation so you can spend less time adding email and more time creating your campaign.

Mailing Lists Unlimited

Bulk The number of recipients per email is not limited by the sender. It's a huge benefit because you may be sending to hundreds of thousands of prospects and consumers.

High-speed data transmission

Your emails will be sent swiftly using our SMTP server, or you can add as many SMTP servers as you want for even faster delivery.

Customer Support

We offer support through phone and email 24/7. Any issue can be resolved quickly by our professional support team.


Our Expertise

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is direct emails sent to your target audience that speaks about your brand and your services.

Customer Database Generation

We generate the database for our clients as per their need and then analyze each data. This database is sometimes generated through clients’ paid and organic campaigns.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is a solution that provides businesses with the products and services that their customers would require for better customer service.

Interest-Based Email Targeting

Being the leading email marketing agency in Kolkata, India we have specific target audience for each client and through our thorough research we find out the likes and dislikes of our clients and then target our email marketing strategy accordingly.

Analyze and mine data

Data mining is the process of analyzing data from various angles and distilling it into valuable information — knowledge that can be utilized to enhance income, reduce costs, or do both.

Email Programs with Interactivity

By refining your email marketing program, we expect to attract new customers and convert more sales. We can tailor a program to match your individual needs because our services are technology-agnostic.

Getting Emails and Getting Leads

The Acquisition and Lead Generation Expert Group is dedicated to learning about and discussing how new technologies, content, and new media are influencing how data-driven marketers find new customers, interact with them, and convert them.

Direct Marketing

Data, accountability, and the client are highlighted in direct marketing campaigns. As a result, in addition to real communication, any successful Direct Marketing campaign must include the formation of actionable segments, pre- and post-campaign analytics, and results monitoring.

Multivariate testing and campaign optimization

These options control how the optimizer sets bids and spends your campaign's monthly budget in a way that best matches your business goals and values after you've turned on campaign optimization. Multivariate testing allows marketers to test an endless number of different combinations of elements on a web page and determine the impact of those changes on the conversion rate of the site.


Industries WE served


Healthcare industry drives traffic to their sites with the help of email marketing by pushing educational content to the audience base.


Manufacturing sector uses email marketing as a form of PR tactics to announce their new product launch and gain the attention of their audience.

Tour & Travel

Travel and hospitality sector has gained many customers via email marketing after the pandemic scare became low. During the pandemic as well email marketing came in handy to push important precautionary mails.

Ecommerce And Retail

Retail gains a lot from email marketing as sending out email blasts about upcoming products to your target audience gets you to notice as well as website traffic.


Pushing targeted emails on time gives the financial sector the necessary push that it needs to gain the attention of its target audience.

Our Process

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    Define your audience

    Only relevant email is an effective one. The first step for email marketing is to know your buyer’s persona so that you can tailor-make the email marketing campaign to meet your audience’s needs.

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    Requirement Gathering icon

    Establish your goals

    Before starting any email marketing campaign it is essential to do research and know the average email stats so that you can use them as the benchmark for your goals.

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    Requirement Gathering icon

    Ways for people to sign up

    For your email marketing to work you need people to send emails to. This is why you need an email list. You need to build this list by using ways like newsletters so that your target audience can receive your mail.

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    Choose email campaign type

    There is different type of email marketing campaigns like weekly newsletter, new product announcement mail, or new blog online announcement. Choosing the right one depends on your target audience as every audience have a different preference thus the type of email campaign mainly depends on that.

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    Make a schedule

    Once you know how to contact your list you can inform your audience so that they know what to expect so that you can maintain a consistent schedule to build trust and stay in the spotlight.

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    Measure your results

    Excellis IT is one of the best email marketing agencies in Kolkata, India we measure each result so that we can make appropriate changes to the email marketing campaign to meet the goals of our clients.


    Benefits of Hiring Email Marketing Services


    Manage Leads

    A successful email marketing agency's primary goal is to achieve this. It develops unique techniques to assist your company in managing a diverse set of leads. Our professionals can assist you in sending promotional emails to potential clients. These emails are intended to generate new leads.

    Getting in Touch With Your Audience

    You'll need to communicate with the audience that has agreed to receive your emails for a large portion of your email marketing campaign. You may effortlessly communicate with and send emails to those subscribers. It also helps you ensure that each email you send is delivered to people who are interested in receiving your material.

    Easy Bulk Communication

    We being an email marketing company in Kolkata, India, provide you Bulk Email Marketing Services that give your business leverage. This makes it easier for you to send promotional messages to a large number of contacts at the same time.

    Faster Impact

    Email marketing always brings faster impact than traditional marketing. Email marketing services for business helps you to obtain the anticipated outcome by sending emails to your target audience.

    Global Reach

    With email marketing, you can target a worldwide audience and send emails to anyone anywhere and at any time.

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    Asked Questions

    To design an attractive email you should use catchy images, div GIFs as well as calls to actions to get the attention of your audience. You should not use too many font types, font colors, as well as font sizes, the mail should have good readability.
    Once you hire an email marketing service our team will do thorough research and let you know the best email marketing strategy for your business.
    Email marketing campaigns hike sales, provided you inspire the audience to click on your email and move to your website.
    Buying an email list is not at all a good idea as the list may not be as per your target audience thus the strategy might turn out to be a complete bust. So, you should build your subscriber list so that you can target the audience as per your preference.
    It’s ideal if you send 3-4 mails a month as that would create consistency in your audience’s mind and would not create a nuisance at the same time.