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With the industry's fast technical improvements, mobile applications are gaining traction. These smart applications are effective business tools that bring value to your company, boost productivity, and expand your client base. By building a tighter relationship with clients, mobile applications may help you expand the reach of your brand.

Excellis IT, a prominent mobile app development company in Kolkata, India, claims to provide best-in-class mobile app development services and solutions to all industry verticals. We have a proven record of accomplishment of delivering hundreds of successful mobile applications to our worldwide clients while ensuring complete client satisfaction.

The diversity and complexity of your project needs are not the matter for us as we handle the whole mobile app development cycle, from app ideation through production. A skilled team of mobile app developers with considerable experience in international app solution services and product engineering supports our dedication to offering high-quality mobile app development services in Kolkata, India. At Excellis IT, we strive to improve your business efficiency by streamlining business operations and integrating essential functions into one seamless pattern.

Services We Offer

Strategy and mobile app development

Just a small portion of our capabilities are reflected in the mobile apps we develop. As an experienced mobile app development company in Kolkata, India, we know what it takes to turn unformed ideas into breath-taking realities. Each project of ours is unique and requires individual attention after working on a variety of mobile app development projects. Thus, we collaborate closely with our clients and devote a significant amount of time to research and preparation.

Designing a UI and UX for mobile devices

We put our imagination to work to find fresh solutions to previous issues. We have a skilled team of app designers and prototype engineers who will always discover a solution to your challenge and will construct a one-of-a-kind path to your mobile app development needs. Our UI/UX designers follow Apple App Store and Google Play Store's design principles to produce user-friendly, feature-rich, and visually appealing apps that do not sacrifice functionality. All these factors will aid in increasing user retention, dwell time, and app downloads.

Development of a custom mobile app

Excellis IT creates a mobile app that would be perfect for your company's app demands, regardless of how little or large your app requirement is. We have a team of the best mobile app developers in Kolkata, India, that have years of expertise building applications for a variety of sectors and can create any sort of functionality for your app. Excellis IT collaborates closely with you to understand your objectives and offer solutions that exceed user expectations.

Android app development

Android apps are the most demanding kinds of apps as increased people these days are on Android-based devices. Excellis IT is an all-inclusive mobile app development company in Kolkata, India; our team of skilled Android app developers offers the best mobile app development services to our global clients.

IOS app development

To build iOS applications, you require knowledge as well as experience so that you can handle the complexities of the complete development process. We have the best iOS app developers to have the required knowledge and experience to develop iOS applications that are rich in features, robust, compatible, and secure. We deliver successful iOS applications that would gain instant App Store approval.

iPad app development

We have provided world-class iPad app development services to a variety of businesses, entrepreneurs, and huge corporations in a variety of industries. Our iPad app development team makes strategic use of iPad OS and its innovative capabilities to provide consumers with quicker and more responsive app experiences. Our iPad apps are built using a shared understanding of user needs and expectations, as well as iPad design and development best practices.

Windows app development

Windows Mobile is popular to be a rich feature operating system that includes all the Windows Mobile apps, like Windows Media Player, Office, as well as Internet Explorer. We look into the reliability and various features of Windows as a top-notch mobile app development company in Kolkata, India, to design highly customized and user-centric apps for your Smartphone and other mobile devices.

Hybrid app development

These mobile app development services have gained traction in the industry because of the increased need for feature-rich, secure, and scalable apps across various platforms among businesses and customers. A hybrid app perfectly blends unique aspects, technologies, as well as processes that work seamlessly across various platforms, has great speed and performance, also takes less time to develop. We promise completely tailored hybrid mobile apps that fit your specific business needs as a dependable mobile application development firm.

Native app development

We deliver world-class native mobile app development services to help your business grow and reach a larger audience as a respected mobile app development company in Kolkata, India. These apps provide the most appealing features, like 3D Touch, multitasking, Beacon Technology, and much more. Designing and building native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile platforms are among our native app development services.

Flutter app development

If you want to provide your Android and iOS apps with the finest possible user experience, Flutter app development is the way to go. Our talented app developers use Flutter app development technologies including XCode, Flutter, Swift, Ionic, Android SDK, Java, Objective C, Node.js, React/React.js, PHP, Vue.js, and Angular.js to create apps with rich, flexible, and sophisticated UI/UX designs, native performance, and more.

Ionic app development

In the world of app development, ionic app development is gaining traction. Ionic application development enables the creation of highly compatible and feature-rich apps that provide a natural user experience across numerous platforms or devices. Our skilled app developers have extensive expertise and understanding of the famous Angular.js framework, which includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components with tremendous features.

PhoneGap app development

PhoneGap is a free, open-source development framework that allows our app developers to create cross-platform mobile apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These programs are not entirely web-based and are packaged as native apps using open standards. PhoneGap applications share a common code base and may operate on a variety of platforms and devices. PhoneGap app development is the answer you need if you are seeking a cost-effective, native-app-like app solution.

PWA development solutions

Our professional app developers apply their extensive knowledge of progressive web application technology, mobile app development, and web application development to offer crucial functionality and a consistent user experience. Our developers are using PWA technology to revolutionize brands, expand their reach to new prospects, and achieve long-term benefits.

Enterprise mobility solutions

Our mobile app development firm in Kolkata, India, uses the most up-to-date technologies, frameworks, and SDKs to create complex, enterprise-level apps that help businesses solve difficult business challenges while also providing scalability and security. Our app developers can assist you if you require end-to-end business mobility solutions.

Mobile app testing

A piece of software will always have bugs and technical difficulties. Our quality analysts ensure that the app is thoroughly tested using a variety of test modules to produce bug-free app products. Our skilled QA team will assist you by delivering the best mobile app testing services if you want to give your app a health check-up.

Mobile app launching

We not only design high-quality mobile apps, but we also help you launch app-on-app markets successfully. When your program satisfies all your specs and functions, our mobile app development team uploads it to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

App store optimization

A mobile app development company's responsibility includes not only designing apps for customers but also ensuring that they reach the top of the App Store and provide the required outcomes. We use our extensive expertise and knowledge of both app stores to develop a unique strategy for increasing app awareness. Our innovative technologies and devoted mobile app developers in Kolkata are ready to help you achieve the desired top spot for your app.

Support and upkeep of your app

Excellis IT provide app support along with maintenance services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as one of the leading mobile app development company in Kolkata, India. Our knowledgeable support and maintenance staff is always available to assist you. Simply contact our support service, and our professionals will resolve any of your questions and concerns. In addition, we provide ongoing maintenance services to guarantee that your application is up to date and running well.

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Why Hire a mobile app developer from us

Skilled team

We have skilled mobile app developers for you from start to finish as a mobile app development firm.

We have a track record of delivering high-quality Mobile Apps Development services and solutions that meet or exceed our clients' expectations.


Being honest and trustworthy allows us to form the greatest possible relationships with our valued clients to get repeat business.

Assurance and Assistance

We never cut corners when it comes to offering high-quality services to our customers and giving ongoing support based on dialogue.

Creative strategy

We make sure that our one-of-a-kind user interface and creative approach are both aesthetically attractive and relevant to the customer's industry.

Creative strategy

We make sure that our one-of-a-kind user interface and creative approach are both aesthetically attractive and relevant to the customer's industry.

Software and advanced tools

Excellis IT professionals employ innovative technologies and software in the fields of social media and digital marketing, as well as strong industry relationships.


We have a full-fledged staff of digital marketing specialists, social media influencers, creative writers, and designers that are well-versed in the intricacies of UI and UX.


Client study reveals that investing in us as a long-term partner is less expensive than the alternative.


Our Expertise

Development of Android apps

Excellis IT offers full-stack Android app development in India to meet your business or operational needs. Excellis IT, being the finest Android app development company, has consistently exceeded our own previously established benchmarks while offering the best android app development services to our clients.

Developing iOS Apps

The Excellis IT team is a group of professionals with extensive experience in the field of information technology iOS app development, iPhone app development, iPad app development, and Apple watch IoT app development are all areas of our expertise. We are frequently confronted with technological marvels, timeliness challenges, and, in many cases, Innovations, all of which we successfully deliver on time and on budget.

Developing Flutter Apps

Excellis IT, as one of the top online and mobile app development firms, provides next-generation app development services based on Google's ground-breaking Flutter platform. Hiring our Flutter app development services helps you create multi-platform apps with a pleasing user interface, smooth animations, and high performance.

App development with React Native.

Excellis IT is a leading react native app development company that creates high-quality apps using react js. Our team of specialists has created thousands of successful business apps for clients all over the world by using the react js platform for app development. Our react native app developers have many years of expertise managing complex client requests and can help any business owner acquire the exact sort of app that their firm requires.

Swift Apps Development

Swift is an Apple-developed programming language that is quick, secure, general-purpose, and contemporary, with several features that make developing iOS apps easier. We develop Swift programs for Apple's tvOS, iPhone, macOS, and watchOS platforms, covering everything from systems programming to desktop, mobile, and cloud services. From strategy through UX/UI design, programming, testing, and final delivery/deployment, our Swift app development services cover it all.

Developing Ionic Apps

Excellis IT's Ionic app development team has expertise with a variety of web technologies and can design outstanding hybrid mobile apps that are not just browser-based but also include iOS UI WebView and Android WebView wrapped in tools like PhoneGap and Cordova.


Industries WE served


Our mobile smartphone app development company has expertise in creating m-health apps that will provide you with better access to healthcare and help you avoid diagnostic mistakes.


Manufacturing sector uses email marketing as a form of PR tactics to announce their new product launch and gain the attention of their audience.

Tour & Travel

Hire Excellis IT experts with extensive experience developing online and mobile solutions for the travel and tourism industry to meet all your unique requirements.

Ecommerce And Retail

Our mobile app development teams can create eCommerce apps with a simple user interface and a pleasant user experience. Our clients may also rely on us to develop retail eCommerce solutions.

Advertising & Publishing

Hundreds of publishing and advertising organizations have benefited from our smartphone app development services, which have helped them carry out and expedite business activities.

Our Process

    Requirement Gathering icon

    Explanation of Requirements

    • Discover our customers.
    • Recognize the needs and objectives of the customer.
    • Offer ideas and solutions.
    Requirement Gathering image
    Requirement Gathering icon

    Design & Wireframes

    • Establish a blueprint framework.
    • For each app screen, create a wireframe.
    • Create a UI/UX for your app. Creating an App
    Strategy image
    Requirement Gathering icon

    App development

    • Creating a mobile application
    • Main parts' placement
    • Review and comments from clients
    Requirement Gathering icon

    Testing and quality assurance for mobile applications

    • Application testing is done in detail.
    • Solutions that are 100% bug-free
    • Obtain the client's final approval
    Requirement Gathering icon

    The debut of the App

    • The app-to-app stores are now open for business.
    • Install the application on the server of the client.
    • Marketing and promotion of apps

    Benefits of Hiring Mobile Application Services


    Exceptional Profit

    For large projects requiring a lot of methodical operating, a mobile application development business will be useful. Professionals with a thorough understanding of such technological fields should be entrusted with such systematic duties carried out by massive investment programs. You may also benefit from their assistance at each stage. They have analytical abilities and can advise you on which application would be most beneficial to your business.


    It is also quite economical to hire a mobile app development company in Kolkata, India. Employing a freelancer is a far better option. The mobile app development firm will bill you on an hourly or one-time basis. There will be an unchangeable agreement. As a result, your overhead costs will be reduced, making the operation of the mobile application both inexpensive and not a financial drain.

    Expert Technical Knowledge and a Trusted Source

    You will be able to manage business chores more easily while planning for automation through the application if you hire a mobile app development firm. It is critical to select a committed developer with proven experience. The team will oversee all aspects of app development and will be able to meet all the application's needs.

    Workflow is not hampered.

    Companies that specialize in mobile app development can provide you with an innovative process that ensures inquiry response in the shortest amount of time possible. By establishing well-tested communication models, you will be able to contact project managers whenever you need them and have access to thorough project reports. In addition, finding solutions in the event of disagreements is simple.

    Supportive Environment

    You do not have to burden yourself with managing the system once you engage a mobile app developer. Even after the product has been delivered, the IT consultant or mobile app development team will assist you with all technical issues. A firm with a strong portfolio, a pleasant working environment, and qualified employees assumes responsibility for meeting your demands on all levels. All you must do now is pay the company's president and unwind.

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    Asked Questions

    Native applications are the best choice for you if you want long-term development, a seamless user experience, high-performance, and responsive solutions. Cross-platform application development is the way to go whether you want to create a gaming app or an app that will help you reach a larger audience and expand your user base.
    Yes, you may share the API documentation for your current app with our mobile app specialists if you have it. After that, our staff will let you know whether you can connect the app with your app solution.
    Mobile applications provide a superior user experience, are faster to load content, and are more user-friendly. With the use of gestures, users may do activities more quickly. In addition, unlike a website, a well-designed mobile app provides easy navigation and impressive performance.
    Bespoke app development, custom mobile app development, iOS/Android app development, interactive AR and VR apps, wearable apps, and more are among our mobile app development services.
    How much you pay for designing and developing a mobile application is determined by a variety of criteria, including complexity, platform, UI/UX, number of screens, and features.
    Yes. All the apps that we design to support both Android as well as iOS mobile platforms. The apps we create work across mobile along with web devices; this integrates development frameworks that include, React Native and React, which helps in backing up both platforms.