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PPC or Pay Per Click is among the most effective types of online marketing to bring instant traffic and expedite business outreach to its customers. A PPC campaign is designed in a way that would drive targeted traffic to the business website and increase the conversion rates for higher revenues. This is a paid form of online advertising that delivers faster results in comparison to SEO and social media marketing. However, one requires a complete understanding of the PPC concept to craft the best PPC campaign which starts from choosing the right keywords to placing them at the right places, as well as designing convincing landing pages.

Excellis IT being among the best PPC company in India delivers custom PPC campaigns to help you increase both conversions and revenue for your company with our pay-per-click management services in Kolkata. We have a profoundly gifted Pay Per Click Management Planner and are offering result-oriented PPC Management Services to our esteemed clients. We are focused on accomplishing a faster conversion rate and ROI (Return On Investment) for each click on your ads designated on specific keywords. For this, we set up the best PPC campaigns for our client's site and promote their advertisements at the top situation in the rundown of Google search.

Sear engine optimization

Services We Offer

Analysis & Strategy

We at Excellis IT perform a thorough analysis of your website, the competition, as well as the market to frame a PPC strategy that works. Our experts also make sure to carry out an in-depth study of factors like the business goals, user metrics, as well as competitor strategy. We also analyze all the key parameters such as cost per click, cost per acquisition, conversion rate optimization, and revenue to create a campaign specific to our client’s requirements.

Keyword targeting

Choosing the right keywords are important for any PPC ad campaign to succeed. Being a PPC ads Agency in Kolkata, India, we carry out thorough keyword research and then pick the best ones that would drive traffic to our client’s business.

Strategic Keyword Recommendation

Our PPC experts’ use professional tools to do an extensive keyword analysis for your business, identifying these keywords will grow your business.

Landing page design

At Excellis IT, we design landing pages specific to our client’s brand so that the design drives users to convert into customers. Our PPC Services also include constant A/B testing, tracking and analysis, and CRM tagging.

Launching campaign

After ascertaining the targeted keywords and designing of the landing page the campaign is all set to be launched. We also design the best bid strategy to bid on the best keywords so that we can get your business on the top.

Audit & analysis

Every PPC campaign requires constant management with keyword audit as well as analysis. We regularly optimize and manage your PPC campaign as it is a part of our PPC management services.

Bid Management

Our PPC experts will bid only on keywords that are likely to give you great ROI. Bids are monitored closely with an emphasis on keywords that are targeted yet are least competitive.

ROI tracking

When you spend on any digital marketing campaign, especially PPC you as a business owner, want to know what results you would be getting from investing in your PPC ads. Our experts use cutting-edge analytical tools that provide accurate ROI-tracking services.

Performance Reporting

We document and share regular performance report with our clients, as a part of our PPC management. ROI is examined closely and tweaks are made in the campaign as per the trends in the report. Performance data for every keywords can be checked by the clients which includes click-through.

Gets the most out of your campaigns, by taking every detail into consideration with PPC Management Services.

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Why Hire PPC service provided from Excellis IT

End-To-End PPC

From restarting your PPC endeavors to designing new campaigns from start to finish, we provide you with end-to-end PPC service.

Customer Focused Company

We make sure to discuss all your marketing priorities as well as business objectives to make sure that the PPC campaign conveys the voice of your brand.

Research-Based PPC Initiatives

Our experts conduct a deep research before they suggest you a PPC plan. They take into consideration the market, your competitors as well as the budget that you want to invest.

Continuous Reporting

Our team values transparent communication. Thus, we provide regular reports via innumerable communication channels so that you are up to date.

Post Service Support

We do not blackout once your campaign is done we keep on tracking the campaign to make sure that you the value of your money. Thus, providing you post-service support as well.


Our Expertise

Bidding Strategy

Our PPC services aim to put your brand at the top of search results on Google. Our paid search experts diligently work on PPC bidding strategies so that your rankings could improve along with impression share.

Display Advertising

With visually appealing display ads we help our clients to target new consumers as well as stay on your existing audience’s radar.

Google Shopping Ads

Excellis IT is known for providing the best Search Engine Marketing Services in Kolkata, India. Along with it we also offer Google Shopping Ads that would help you to grab a position among the organic search results on Google.


The best way to get your brand to rank on the Google search engine is by remarketing which is to serve the ads to the audience who already trust your brand.

Mobile Advertising

As we are among the Best PPC Advertising Company in Kolkata, India, we provide useful mobile advertising services for your businesses. Mobile advertising is very useful as you can easily reach out to the correct audience at the right time, along with providing convenience to users so that they can know your business offerings on the go.

PPC Copywriting

In any PPC campaign, a compelling title and description are likely to get you more clicks as an effective keyword. Our in-house content team curates ad copies that are catchy and effective.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our PPC management services are inclusive of substantial PPC ads, best and custom landing page design reviews, as well as user-friendly lead generation forms that would result in improving your conversion rate.

A/B Testing

Our in-house team of PPC experts makes use of the best tools to test the performance between 2 landing pages and a PPC ad campaign and optimize them accordingly to get better returns.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising, also known as Social Media Targeting, helps you reach your target audiences through social media platforms. As one of the Best Search Engine Marketing Company in Kolkata, India, we help you in creating meaningful as well as effective advertisements which are based on your customer interactions on social media platforms. This significantly increases conversions and sales.


Industries WE served


We help the education sector to gain relevance on the digital platform with the help of best PPC practices.


Our up-to-date, authoritative landing pages, local SEO practices, and targeted PPC ad campaigns helps healthcare brands to spread awareness.

Real State

We help the real estate by reaching out to their target audience with our paid search marketing services which in return boost your search engine ranking and sales.


We help to increase brand effectiveness with our various PPC services like keyword optimization, AdWords management, social media ads, etc. being the best PPC management company in Kolkata, India.

Ecommerce And Retail

With the help of e-commerce PPC we boost your online retail presence, drive sales as well as resolve shopping cart abandonment issues.


With our cost-effective and creative PPC campaigns we attract visitors which improves website traffic, leads and sales.

Our Process

    Requirement Gathering icon

    Define Performance Goals

    Throughout our initial review, we define goals and then craft a clear plan. By analyzing cost per click, conversion rate, cost per acquisition, and revenue, we make sure that our services provide the necessary value.

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    Requirement Gathering icon

    Implement Tracking

    We have a team of Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified members who can implement basic as well as advanced tracking options for all clients.

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    Requirement Gathering icon

    Build Keywords & Targeting

    In this step, we start building keywords and targeting them so that our clients get the value of their money.

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    Develop Ad Copy & Creative

    You are as good as your copy as well as your creative that is why Excellis IT has a team of experts with in-depth knowledge on the same. We also make sure that the copy we provide is best-in-class.

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    Optimize Landing Pages

    As one of the best search engine marketing company in Kolkata, India, we use a unique and tested CRO methodology that gives the best conversion rates for your landing pages.

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    Create Bidding Strategy, Monitor, Report & Refine

    Getting the right bid is very important. This is the reason we use advanced software as well as our insight to make sure that you are not overpaying. Once we are all set we monitor, report, and refine our strategy regularly.


    Benefits of Hiring Pay Per Click Services


    Save Time

    PPC is a time taking process as you need to constantly update keywords and ads. This is why you need to hire a PPC agency that would help you in monitoring and optimizing the campaign.

    Keyword research is complicated

    Keyword research is an important part of PPC ad campaigns, thus, you need experts to go through the process. This is why you need a PPC ads agency in Kolkata, India to help you with the best keywords so that you get the value of your money.

    Professional Experience

    Excellis IT has a team of experts who specialize in PPC campaign management and they can give you the best solution for your business.

    Gain agile and accurate results

    A professional team of experts has experience in dealing with multiple campaigns. They are reliable as well as agile with technological knowledge and has the access to all the essential resources. Thus, making it easier for them to handle complex campaigns within the given deadlines.

    Budget management requires commitment.

    Making mistakes can surpass your budget easily and keyword bid amount also rises thus, to stay within the allocated budget you must hire the best PPC management company in Kolkata, India.

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    Asked Questions

    Provided the PPC campaign has been done properly and all the parameters of the business have been met it can be perfect for any sort of business.
    Search Engine Advertising or SEM helps your business to appear on the top of the search engine and this is the reason why a business should pay for it as it would attract your target audience.
    There are many kinds of PPC ads like search, display, social media advertising, remarketing, Google Shopping, and mobile ads. They can appear in the SERPs, follow you on social media, websites that you browse, or apps that you use.
    There are several reasons for your PPC ads do not show up – you might be excluded from the target set, the ads might have been disapproved or you might have exhausted the campaign budget.
    Cost-per-click or CPC tends to rise when the competition increases for ad space. Within Adwords, there are several advertisers found in the auctions insights report. CPC tends to rise when there are too many advertisers competing for the same keywords.