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In this fast-changing digital world, social media has become one of the most influential marketing channels; most businesses have already realized the need of having a strong social presence on various SNS. Social media marketing harnesses the power of social networks to increase engagement, boost sales, as well as build your brand. It empowers your business to take advantage of the popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and others. By using engaging content across these channels, the businesses generate interest for their products and services as well as engage their customers. In short, social media marketing service strengthens your brand as well as build customer trust and loyalty.

Excellis IT is one of the leading social media marketing companies in Kolkata, India that encompasses reliable as well as comprehensive services for your business across diverse industry verticals. Our expert digital marketers craft rich as well as targeted content that would engage potential shoppers and influence their purchase decisions. At the same time, they also work on building as well as establishing their brand reputation across different social channels. We ensure that your business creates an online buzz and explores new territories for unparalleled growth.

Social Media Marketing

Services We Offer

Social Media Strategy

We provide a result-driven strategy so that your social media marketing plan is a success. This starts with understanding your business as well as its goals so that we could curate a solution that would be perfect for your brand.

Content Marketing

The tonality of your content reflects the tonality of your brand thus, the content that goes out on your social pages must be sound and unique as well as engaging. We also realize its significance and thus, create content that would engage your customers with your business and strengthen your brand.

Social Media Management

Social media management is an important aspect of SMM. Excellis IT is one of the leading Social media marketing agency in Kolkata, India, gives your business an influential online presence across platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and many more. We also schedule brand messages along with promoting content for ideal engagement with our target audience and also coordinate social alliances so that you could reach out to your new audience.

Promotions And Contests

If you wish to get instant audience engagements to your social channels then targeted promotions and contests can help you to infuse new life in your campaign. Excellis IT designs as well as implements innovative ideas for promotions, contests, coupons for new customers, etc. Such promotional ideas benefit you with high engagement as well as sales that boost the popularity of your brand.

Monitoring And Reporting

Social media marketing agency doesn’t only design and implement marketing plans. They also monitor the efficacy of the implemented plan. Our experts at Excellis IT keep an eye on the performance of the strategy that they had applied. We also provide reports to our clients so that they can also see and evaluate the value they are getting from our services.


Apart from all the traditional SMM plans we also provide consultancy services to our clients. We have a team of experts who would provide you with the best consultancy so that you can avail the benefits of the strategy and make it better.

Influencer Marketing

In recent times Influencer Marketing is the most effective marketing tool for businesses. Social Media influencers have a pool of loyal followers who trust their reviews. This can be very beneficial for businesses as they can easily leverage the power of these influencer marketers to promote their business offerings. As a social media marketing agency, we offer the best influencer marketing services for your business.

We offer the best Social Media services to take your business ahead

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Why Hire SMO Experts from Excellis IT

Experienced Team

Being the best SMO company in Kolkata, India; we have a team of skilled enthusiasts, experts as well as leaders within the digital industry who strongly believe in delivering timely results.

Measurable Results

We create campaigns with measurable results. We inform you about your social media analytics in detail by showing you which content is being preferred by your audience as well as which social media platform is generating more traffic to your website.

Data-driven Strategies

Our SMO and SMM teams create techniques and campaigns that depend on market information and analytic data. This guarantees precise strategies and easy execution. We assist you by reaching out to the perfect individuals through the ideal platform at the right platform.

Unique Designs

We not only create effective and engaging content but also design eye-catching social media posts which would trigger the interest of your audience. We also help you redirect your audience to your website by putting a call to action button at the right place.

Affordable SMO packages

Excellis IT provides you with the best social media services in India at a very affordable rate.


Our Expertise

Facebook Page and Profile Management

Facebook is the most used social media platform with a huge as well as diverse audience- along with a customer base. Today every business has its own Facebook pages so that it could strengthen its social media presence. Excellis IT is a social media optimization company in Kolkata, India that would help you by managing your Facebook page and profile efficiently.

Twitter Page and profile Management

Recently Twitter has become an influential platform for businesses as well as business owners to attract an audience as well as create an influence by actively posting and with interaction. As a next-gen social media advertising company in Kolkata, India, Excellis IT provides effective Twitter Page & Account Management services that would help your brand create an influence on your audience.

LinkedIn Page and profile Management

LinkedIn, is a platform for enterprises, brands, job aspirants, employers, and professionals well, it's all about business. LinkedIn allows businesses to come in contact with job aspirants and brand influencers. Excellis IT is among the best SMO company in Kolkata, India which has the best team of social media marketers who provides the best LinkedIn Page and profile Management Services.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest has recently gained a huge amount of popularity as it is an image posting platform, it is a very beneficial platform for product base businesses as they can post their offering on this platform to gain traction. As one of the popular social media marketing companies in Kolkata, we offer the best Pinterest Marketing services for your business.

Instagram Marketing

In recent times, Instagram has surpassed Twitter and Facebook's popularity quotient. Influencers, youngsters, as well as celebrities are active on Instagram, and businesses are also diving in to get on to this market. With the help of Instagram their stories, reels, IGTV videos, and feed posts, Excellis IT provides an effective Instagram Marketing campaign to our clients to boost sales.

Paid Social Ads

Paid social media advertising varies from traditional outbound advertising. We help you to find, target, and reach your audience with ease. Each ad that we design facilitates the goals of your business, such as brand awareness, lead generation, website traffic, and more.


Industries WE served


We help the education sector develop its outreach with our cutting-edge SMM services.


We help the Healthcare sector with strategized SMM to spread awareness.

Food & Resrurent

Food and restaurant business owners benefit from our SMM services in Kolkata, India as we can help them to direct their audience to their website from their social sites.


Our social media service can help the manufacturing industry to build trust as well as gain an audience.

Real State

Engaging social media posts gets more traffic to your website and we can help with that which in turn will help you build connections in real estate.

Tour & Travel

Appropriate advertising along with attractive and engaging social media presence ensures the success of your business in the travel & tourism industry.


The entertainment world is all about visual appeal thus we provide you with the best social media designs to keep you ahead of the curve.

Our Process

    Requirement Gathering icon

    Audit Your Current Social Presence

    Before strategizing where you are headed, you should pause and take look at where your page is at the moment. Here are a few things you should consider before auditing:

    • • The networks you are currently on
    • • If your networks are optimized (photo and cover images, bio, URL, etc.)
    • • The networks that are bringing you more traffic
    • • Whether your profile stands out to your competitors' profile
    Requirement Gathering image
    Requirement Gathering icon

    Identify Your Ideal Customer

    It is very ideal to be specific about your target audience. As even the best marketing strategies fail if applied to the wrong target audience. Thus, knowing your audience is very crucial and then you can make your social media strategy accordingly.

    Strategy image
    Requirement Gathering icon

    Create A Social Media Mission Statement

    A social media mission statement would drive your future actions. Thus, make sure that you know what your mission statement should be as that would reflect your brand identity. While choosing a statement make sure you keep in mind your target audience.

    Requirement Gathering icon

    Your Key Success Metrics

    You should always keep a check if your social media strategy is working or not as there is no use in spending money if the plan does not improve your bottom line.

    Here are a few metrics we consider measuring:

  • • Conversion Rate
  • • Time Spent on Website
  • • Reach
  • • Brand Mentions
  • • Sentiment
  • • Total Shares
  • 5
    Requirement Gathering icon

    Create and Curate Engaging Content

    Our in-house content writers then start creating content that would be posted on various social media platforms. We create unique and engaging content that would improve brand visibility.

    Requirement Gathering icon

    Social Media Management Tool

    Invest in social media management tools and leverage the benefit of the tools to boost your productivity. Having a social media management tool also allows you to scale your efforts on social media with ease.

    Requirement Gathering icon

    Track, Analyse, Optimize

    Social media success runs on trial and error. So this is one of the most crucial steps in the process as you need to track and analyze your results daily and make changes accordingly.


    Benefits of Hiring Social Media Marketing Services


    Increase brand visibility

    Social Media Marketing helps in improving your brand visibility by using different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Social media platforms give your brand access to the digital space so that you can build your brand's visibility to gain an audience.

    More followers

    When your followers start to grow online there is an increase in word of mouth and referrals. Our social media marketing services in Kolkata, India would help you grow your followers as well as ensure that your followers would match the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your target audience.

    Gaining More Customers

    SMM and SMO services in Kolkata, India help more people to know about your brand and what it offers. This in turn helps you to gain more customers and drive more sales. Sharable content is also useful as they increase post engagement and opens your brand to a larger customer pool.

    Increase conversion and sales

    Increasing your website traffic influences leads and sales. Thus, we pair this service with our affordable social media services in Kolkata, India, which focuses on developing social media advertising campaigns to drive more traffic to your website.

    Tell your brand story

    Social Media platforms can be used as a storytelling platform for your brand where you can tell your brand story in a way that your target audience can relate to your brand and feel a sense of attachment. This increases website traffic and posts engagement.

    Build Relationships

    We help you build a strong and long relationship with your customer through engaging with your target audience. We also help you increase your engagement through interesting content on your social media posts which will, in turn, help you build a strong connection with your audience.

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    Asked Questions

    Answer: Social media has become an integral part of our lives. So, today it is very important for the business to also be active on social media so that they can boost their social presence as well as engage and interact with their target audience to convert them into customers.
    Answer:Social media helps businesses to find customers from their target audience pool as well as drives traffic to the business's website.
    Answer: The questions you should consider while selecting the best social media marketing services:
    • • Does the company gel with the vibe of your brand?
    • • Is the company ethical?
    • • Is the company good at its job and provides the best services?
    A start-up needs an audience and customers thus, social media is the perfect platform to provide you both.
    Answer: Social media management services use social media platforms to build brand awareness generate leads and sales. Social media management services provide brands with digital marketing solutions.
    Answer: Spending on social media marketing is different for different businesses. Some have a huge budget so they spend more while some have limited budget and spending within that is also possible. But social media platforms do have limitations and you should always check that along with your budget then make the plan.