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The correct software is crucial for every organization to succeed. We at Excellis IT are familiar with the needs of every industry, whether it is financial, retail, wholesale, or any other. You may create software with us to help you operate your business more efficiently since it will be built specifically for that purpose. We have completed a wide range of projects as one of the most sought-after software development company in Kolkata, India. We provide customized software development solutions to our clients in various environments at Excellis IT. Our team has extensive expertise in building and delivering high-quality software for corporate and public use.

Services We Offer

Consulting in Software

We provide you with a wide selection of software solutions; our software development professionals obtain a deep understanding of your idea, target audience, and monetization plan.

Development of Custom Software

We translate client needs into bespoke software solutions by concentrating on constructing safe, scalable, and custom-centric software products.

Enterprise software solutions

By creating innovative mobile and online software solutions for businesses, we boost company agility and efficiency.

Software Integration

To help you develop your program, we provide data integration, a dependable API, and microservices.

Application Services

We offer a wide range of bespoke business application development and maintenance services.

Offshore development

Partner with Excellis IT to get the top-of-the-line, innovative software at a low cost.


Our designers can build a straightforward design approach for any software product that helps people interact.


We test for functionality, security, performance, and code quality using various quality assurance methods.

Transformation to the digital domain

We use innovative technologies like blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and cloud computing to assist you in achieving business-wide digital transformation.

Support and maintenance

Our support and maintenance services help you avoid problems and increase productivity.

Ionic app development

In the world of app development, ionic app development is gaining traction. Ionic application development enables the creation of highly compatible and feature-rich apps that provide a natural user experience across numerous platforms or devices. Our skilled app developers have extensive expertise and understanding of the famous Angular.js framework, which includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components with tremendous features.

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Why Hire a software developer from us

Assist You in Realizing Your Dreams

You may be the CEO of a high-tech firm specializing in software development or a firm in any sector that provides software as a service or product. You may achieve your vision for your product or service more efficiently and quickly if you hire our professional software development team.

Additional Productivity is Expected

It is no secret that the more people are coding and working on software, the faster it will be produced and deployed. When you hire our expert software development team, they will be able to work on your program while also collaborating with your existing team to increase efficiency.

Assist with the MVP Strategy of your start-up.

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a product that is ready to launch but lacks numerous more features that will be added over time. It is frequently introduced to see how early adopters react and to get feedback. If you hire Excellis IT's software development team; they can assist you with feedback in international markets, which is especially useful if you outsource offshore development. They may also be placed in test situations to provide feedback, data, and insight that can be used to improve your business intelligence.

Will Improve Your Company's Scalability

Software development has downtimes and crunch periods when the finished program or software must be produced and deployed. Downtimes typically occur after a product has been delivered and before the following project begins. Crunch is the phase of development right before a product's introduction, during which bugs and other flaws are sorted out.

Workflow Specialization Can Be Improved

Hiring one of our software engineers might expand your development team's capabilities. For example, the new group may enhance your overall user experience (UX) design and make your product more appealing to customers, freeing up your present team to work on other projects.

New Software Solutions Might Be Available

When you hire Excellis IT's the software development team; you will discover that each member has extensive software development experience. They may apply this information to provide valuable comments and assist you in determining new software solutions for your process.


Our Expertise

Web development

We provide highly customized web apps to our clients with our highly trained and experienced developers. We provide a variety of online applications, including CMS, eCommerce web portals, and business web development.

Mobile app development

Searching for a mobile app development company, we are a go-to company. Over the last seven years, we have honed our skills by providing high-quality solutions to many enterprises. Our mobile apps have had a considerable influence on our clients' businesses.

Quality engineering

We offer quality engineering, which covers the operation, administration, and development of high-quality IT systems. When it is about the quality of our solution, we never make concessions.

Cloud & DevOps

Cloud computing and DevOps are two terms that are frequently used in the same sentence. We offer cloud and DevOps are consulting to our clients, which aids in process automation and standardization, resulting in greater operational efficiency, faster innovation, and higher deployment quality.

Desktop application

We provide desktop applications that are both cross-platform and platform-specific, allowing you to turn your software concept into a profitable reality. Our desktop application solutions are unrivaled in quality, and we can easily outperform any competitor.

Managing Database

We know how to provide the best database management solutions on the market. These solutions will allow you to get the most out of your data while avoiding any issues that might hinder the process.


Industries WE served


We provide software for the healthcare industry that automates patient management, lab management, test result processing, and data collecting.


Implement manufacturing software to assist you in improving your current operations' efficiency while lowering your operating expenses.

Tour & Travel

Hire Excellis IT experts with extensive experience developing online and mobile solutions for the travel and tourism industry to meet all your unique requirements.

Ecommerce And Retail

We create retail and e-commerce software that automates company processes and improves the shopping experience for customers.


We create innovative logistics software to improve warehouse productivity and streamline the supply chain.

Our Process

    Requirement Gathering icon


    We collect all the needed information from our clients to develop a custom software development solution as per their needs and expectation.

    Requirement Gathering image
    Requirement Gathering icon


    The documents and system that we prepare are as per your requirement. This guides us in defining the overall system architecture along with the technology stack.

    Strategy image
    Requirement Gathering icon


    Following the requirement analysis phase, the next step is developing and documenting software requirements.

    Requirement Gathering icon


    Developers begin by producing code in their choice's programming language, methods, and methodologies.

    Requirement Gathering icon


    Software quality assessment to identify and correct flaws.

    Requirement Gathering icon


    The finished program is released and, if necessary, tested for deployment concerns.

    Requirement Gathering icon


    We ensure that expectations are met and that the system continues to function as intended in the first phase, as defined in the service level agreement.


    Benefits of Hiring Social Media Marketing Services



    Software may be and frequently is difficult to understand. Bringing a technical concept to life necessitates substantial expertise. An experienced software development company in Kolkata, India, may help alleviate this load by delivering market insights and a product that satisfies the needs of its clients.

    Time is money

    Time is crucial for company owners. These business owners may get up and running quickly by hiring a well-established software development agency in Kolkata, India, instead of going through the extra (and often painful) processes of putting up an in-house team. Any job may be assessed and begun straight away by a seasoned business.

    Adaptable workforce

    Every project needs a distinct set of talents and hours of labour. A company's technology demands should be outsourced to a firm that can complete the duties as efficiently as possible to make the most of its employees. A competent business will manage its resources to ensure that the appropriate people are in the right places at the correct times throughout the process and that everyone is getting the most out of their job.


    Business entrepreneurs wear many hats. Software development might not be their strong suit. Hiring a software development company in Kolkata specializing in this service helps business owners work at par with their strengths and concentrate on the areas that require their attention.

    Controlling the budget

    A company owner's ability to estimate a project's cost may be challenging. A seasoned software development company in Kolkata, India, can precisely calculate the scope of work and the time required to finish it. This enables company owners to plan time and keep project expenditures under control.


    Working with a successful, flexible software development agency in India guarantees that business owners know current technology developments. Team members may provide insight and recommendations for keeping software up to date and the knowledge to put product needs and changes into action.

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    Asked Questions

    Choosing the best custom software development services company in Kolkata for your project or idea is like picking a sailing crew. Before deciding, recheck the company you would be working with for the next several months to be sure that the company is perfect for your needs.
    We cannot give you an exact answer because some projects take two to three weeks to complete, while others take years. We would require assessing the project complexity and scope of work before giving a specific answer. We can give you an estimated time based on this information.
    Share project specifics, such as scope, timelines, and any business problems you want to overcome.
    Our professionals have diverse abilities, allowing us to provide the finest solutions for our customers to reach their objectives. C#, ASP.NET Core/MVC, Xamarin, Angular/Angular.JS, React/React.JS, Node.JS, and WPF are all the Excellis IT profile.
    This condition is included in the IP contract, and a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is also signed between Excellis IT and the customer stating the same. The contract between Excellis IT and its workers also has the same condition. In addition, we regularly evaluate our procedures and train our workers. Our clients' intellectual property is always secured due to these efforts.
    The customer receives the SRS paperwork from us. Comments will be included in the code to aid comprehension. Our information is thorough and self-explanatory.